Monday, 19 September 2011

RobotC 3.0 is out

I have tried and played with RobotC 2.0.

It was simple to use as I do have a programming background. But I didn't do much with it since it is not NRC or FLL legal.

Now they have just released a new version, the RobotC 3.0.

Read a V2 -> V3 log on all the improvements (link to botbench pdf)

What I found most interesteding is the new Virtual Robots World (VRW) module look interesting, allowing users to program and simulate without actually needing a physical NXT robot. This could be great for students to practice programming at the comfort of their home.... or for those who needs a little more time at their own pace.

However the new RobotC and Virtual Robots World module does come with either an Annual license or a Perpetual license (free updates till next majar revision).

Download their free trial and give it ago.... I know I will...
[Download page here]

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