Saturday, 3 September 2011

MoonBots 2011 Winner Announced

A congratulations to the MoonBots 2011 winners

  • 1st Place: LegoAces
  • 2nd Place: Team Just Ducky
  • 3rd Place: Lunar Lords
The following was quoted from the MoonBots website on Techno Inventors, our very own Malaysian Team from Sekolah Seri Suri:-

"Techno Inventors - The I’m So Excited Award - And they just can’t hide it. If we could harness this team’s enthusiasm and energy we could solve the worlds energy crisis. Outstanding work all the way around."

You could visit Techno Inventor's website for full details of their MoonBots competition and their video page.

Here is a video of their actual mission that they did. Not the best, but given the complexity of the mission, and the limited time they had, it is job well done.

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