Monday, 22 September 2008

Kean's First Post

Hi guys, my name is Kean and im new to this blog, thanks to Eric's invitation :)

My background is in mechatronics engineering and currently working as a education trainer.

Since this is my first post i thought i'd post something interesting, something you wouldn't normally do with your NXT set in school. Allow me to present to you ( drums beating in the background.................) :

The NXT Bolter (Submachine gun)

I created this back in March. Inspired by Laurens Valk's 'Support Gunner' and other nxt guns, i decided to build a variation of my own. I wanted to build a gun which looks and feels like a real gun and hence - NXT Bolter.
It looks like a smg with an inverted magazine.I used 1 motor for loading the 'bullet' into the chamber, and another 2 motors for firing the 'bullet'. The firing is controlled by a touch sensor when the gunner pulls the trigger.
There are 2 modes to this gun: semi-auto and full-auto and the gunner selects the mode through the left and right button.The magazine can hold a maximum of 16 1x3 beams and the gun can be reloaded from the top of the magazine.