Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Sneak peek of the NXT Adapter prototype

Not too long ago i wanted to make a NXT adapter for some cheap and constant power like what Philo did, but unfortunately i couldn't get all the components i needed to make one. So, i consulted a friend of mine, who is also a Mechatronics engineer whose specialty is in designing electronic circuits O.O So after some careful thinking and component sourcing, this is what he came up with n_n

notice anything different about this NXT ?

Here's a better view of how the circuit board looks like. The design was simple and effective, it works just like LEGO rechargeable battery pack + LEGO adapter, but at a fraction of the cost of course =) The aluminium plate secures the circuit board firmly to the NXT through friction lock, and an adapter socket was carefully placed to allow the easy connection to the adapter.

i made a simple program to measure the voltage supplied by the adapter and it registers a healthy 9.11 volt. When i connect the NXT to 3 motors and run all of them at the same time, the voltage dropped to around 9.05, which is still pretty decent.

So what's so great about using an adapter over normal or rechargeable batteries and when do you need it ?
  • When you are tired of wasting precious $$ changing batteries.
  • When you are tired of having to wait for your rechargeable batteries to fully charge.
  • When you need constant voltage and power, especially when you are building some stationary projects (very useful for schools who participates in open category =D )
  • When you want to make your robot lighter.
Keep in mind that this is just a prototype...the final product will look a lot nicer and much more solid as my friend and I intend to produce limited units for the benefit of those true mindstorms enthusiasts.

Any comments are welcome and do let me know if you are interested in laying your hands on one of this =)