Sunday, 6 March 2011

NXT Adapter is here, FINALLY !

Hi people, I know it's been "a while" since I last posted about the NXT adapter prototype, but the NXT Adapter is finally out now, without further adieu, let's look at the real thing now :)
TaDaa !! This is what it looks like in our current version, the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) together with the transformer...
Here's a close up shot of the PCB together with other electronic components & the adapter jack.
Here's another close up shot of the PCB from a different angle. The metal cover is securely attached below the PCB & is painted in grey colour to match the colour of the NXT itself.This is how it looks like when attached to the NXT controller. The metal cover will hold on tightly to the NXT controller through friction once it is firmly pressed onto the NXT controller.
Here's a picture showing the comparison between the normal plastic cover vs. the metal cover.
Now, for those of you who have no idea why we took the trouble to come up with something like this, let me recap why would you need the NXT adapter :
  • You see a hole in your pocket after spending too much money changing normal batteries.
  • You woke up in the morning next to your NXT realizing you fell asleep yesterday while waiting for your rechargeable batteries to fully charge.
  • When you need constant voltage and power, especially when you are building some stationary projects (very useful for schools who participates in open category =D )
  • When you want to make your robot lighter. Since acceleration is inversely proportional to mass, less mass means your robot can accelerate faster with the same amount of force applied. You get my point now ? :P
  • So we can make some money too by selling you the adapter hahaha...
If you are interested to get one (or more), you may reach me at