Wednesday, 24 August 2011

dGPS Preview (Dexter Industries Sensor)

I have just received the dGPS that is made by Dexter Industries.

I have been playing over the last few days. I have been using it to collect information, that I later convert and upload directly to Google Maps

Attached here is a Google Map with me driving around the town where I stay. Used the sample codes available at Building Blocks (taken from Dexter Industries resource/downloads) and have modified it a little.

I will continue to modify the NXT-G codes, making it easier to use. Before uploading the finished NXT-G codes here.

I  am also in the middle of editing a special Excel file that will auto generate the KML file used by Google Maps. Easier to manipulate the data for upload.

I will do a full review over the next few days, completing the NXT-G codes as well as any other files created.

Stay tuned!!

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