Sunday, 19 July 2009

NRC 2009 - 3rd Place Kuala Terengganu State

Here is a photo of the kids from SMK Chung Hwa Wei Sin with the 3rd Price win at the NRC 2009 Kuala Terengganu State level.

Congratulations to them on work well done of getting 3rd place. It is their first year with the NXT and coaching them from ground up is no easy task, not to mentioned with their busy schedules, they only had about a month to come up with their robot design and program for it.

Going against students who have got NXT experience, not to mentioned that they had already completed a similar NRC 2008 question is no easy task. Luckily with the long hours put in, they manage to obtain 3rd Place.

The kids are (from left to right)
  • Cedric
  • Koong (Chief Programmer)
  • Chen Hui (Chief Builder)
  • Eric Tan (Coach)
I expect nothing less from them next year, only First place would be acceptable!

I will be posting more on my NRC experience in the future post, as well as the design concept of our NRC 2009 robot, as well as mistakes that we had made.

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